SEC’s Lawsuit Against Ripple: John Deaton Questions True Intent

• John Deaton, an advocate for crypto and founding lawyer of Crypto Law, has raised questions about the true purpose behind the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple Labs.
• Brian Costello has expressed his concern with the shift in enforcement strategy by U.S. regulators, including lawsuits filed against Binance and Coinbase.
• Jay Clayton and Gary Gensler had two official meetings within one week prior to the lawsuit being filed on December 22nd, 2020 by the SEC’s Enforcement Division.

John Deaton’s Concerns

Top XRP advocate John Deaton remain curious as to the true intent behind the SEC suing Ripple Labs. Expectations of the lawsuit coming to an end is growing across the board. Pro-XRP attorney and Crypto Law founder John Deaton has expressed concerns and is beginning to raise questions about the true intent of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) lawsuit against fintech firm Ripple Labs.

Brian Costello’s Reaction

In a recently published tweet, Brian Costello reacted to a recent interview of former SEC Chair, Jay Clayton where he voiced his concern with the new enforcement strategy of United States regulators. By new enforcement strategy, Clayton was referring to the multiple lawsuits filed against crypto businesses including the most recent ones on Binance and Coinbase. The former SEC Chair confirmed that this trend with the U.S. regulators is a shift from the expectations that Americans have of the government. Despite his supposed stance for crypto firms, industry experts believe Jay Clayton also has a case to answer. Costello specifically amplified that it is high time SEC whistleblowers shed more light on Clayton’s concealment of China-related crimes.

Official Meetings Between Jay Clayton & Gary Gensler

Additionally, Deaton pointed out that Americans need to get details about the discussion which transpired between Clayton and present boss Gary Gensler on December 21, 2020. On investigation, it was discovered that both men officially met twice during Claytons last month in office; Monday December 14th 2020 & Monday December 21st 2020 – just one day before they sued Ripple Labs & its executives Brad Garlinghouse & Chris Larsen for unregistered securities sales .

Ripple Lawsuit And Executives‘ Exit Raise Concerns

The Ripple vs SEC lawsuits which now have Gensler’s stamp all over it started with Clayton; precisely directed by Jay Clayton when he left office right after filing them in federal court Manhattan . This isn’t just any executive leaving but 3 top chiefs at once; Corporation Finance director , Trading & Markets (T&M) director & Enforcement Division directors .

Questions Remain Unanswered

The reasons why these high ranking officials chose to leave office without giving more information about their activities remains unclear; from what caused them relocate suddenly or what happened between their 2 meetings just 1 week apart prior suits being filled . Major question is why did jay clayton wait till last minute (the day before he left )to file these claims ? There are so many unanswered questions yet no answers from either party involved..