Polkadot Takes Center Stage: Testifying Before US Congress to Drive Ecosystem Adoption

19. Mai 2023

• Daniel Schoenberger, Chief Legal Officer at Web3 Foundation, was invited to present the Polkadot network and the Web3 vision to US lawmakers.
• Polkadot offers a secure and decentralized platform to facilitate various applications such as land ownership, digital intellectual properties, etc.
• MeWe recently adopted the Decentralized Social Network Protocol from Project Liberty which operates on the Polkadot network.

Testifying Before US Congress

Daniel Schoenberger, Chief Legal Officer at Web3 Foundation was invited by the US lawmakers to testify on “The Future of Digital Assets: Measuring the Regulatory Gaps in the Digital Asset Markets” and present his views on the Polkadot network and Web3 vision. According to Schoenberger, Web3 has the potential to revolutionize how data is stored and accessed while creating transparency with tamper-proof records for land ownership, decentralized identities, etc.

Polkadot Takes Center Stage

Schoenberger highlighted Polkadot as an efficient blockchain protocol that provides security, interoperability and scalability while uniting blockchains together. The versatility of this platform was showcased by MeWe’s adoption of Decentralized Social Network Protocol (DSNP) from Project Liberty which runs on Polkadot network for greater control over user data privacy.

Challenges in Adoption

The legal officer further stated that current US regulatory framework stifles innovation in Web3 space. He believes that there needs to be a comprehensive legislative framework for proper adoption and use of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

Web3 Vision

Schoenberger expressed hope that through a well regulated environment along with technological advancements, users will be able to gain back control of their personal information thus giving rise to a more secure internet free from intermediaries who often misuse user data for their financial gains.


At the end of his presentation Schoenberger concluded that it is essential for lawmakers to understand how cryptocurrencies work before they can properly regulate them so that we can fully embrace all its benefits without compromising individual liberty or safety.