Milestone Reached: Shimmer Reaches 1 Million Daily Transactions

• ShimmerEVM testnet has reached the milestone of 1 million daily transactions.
• Treasures of Shimmer, a Web3 gaming experience is helping to strengthen the network.
• Shimmer has partnered with technology infrastructure provider SPYCE.5 to help organizations build projects atop IOTA and Shimmer.

Shimmer Reaches Massive Milestone

The ShimmerEVM testnet has already clicked the milestone of 1 million daily transactions majorly driven by the release of Treasures of Shimmer. This boasts of the platform’s scalability as well as its ability to handle very high transaction volumes. With major improvements made by Shimmer’s DevOps team, this version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is running absolutely smoothly and seamlessly.

Treasures Of Shimmer

Treasures of Shimmer, a Web3 gaming experience developed by IOTAHeroes encourages greater participation in the Shimmer network and helps strengthen it. Furthermore, the project also offers exciting rewards to all the participants in the form of $SMR tokens. This voyage is a realistic stress test for the network in order to harden it and offers dApp developers an opportunity to test their integrations and services.

SPYCE5 Partners With Industry Heavyweight Servrox

The Shimmer network recently partnered with SPYCE.5, a technology infrastructure provider, for providing necessary infrastructure and consultation to organizations building projects atop IOTA and Shimer. This collaboration will provide these organizations with access to valuable resources such as cloud computing services, distributed ledger technology solutions and data analytics tools that are essential for any project development on IOTA or other blockchain platforms.

Million-Dollar Project

This partnership will also open up new opportunities for businesses looking at developing projects on IOTA or any other blockchain platform as they can access best-in-class tools from SPYCE’s roster which includes industry heavyweights like Servrox who offer enterprise-grade solutions such as distributed storage systems, identity management protocols, fraud prevention systems etc.. Additionally, businesses can leverage SPYCE’s expertise in building cutting edge applications tailored specifically for their needs that are secure yet efficient enough to meet their exact requirements without compromising on performance or cost efficiency.


With this partnership between SPYCE5 and industry heavyweight Servrox along with successful completion of 1 million daily transactions milestone on its testnet, it is clear that shimmer stands out among its competitors when it comes to providing reliable infrastructure needed for developing projects on IOTA or other blockchain networks.