Crypto Analysts Bullish on Bitcoin, Ethereum Ahead of Shanghai Upgrade

• Analysts weigh in on the Bitcoin and Ethereum potential long-term performance following recent decline.
• Bitcoin and Ethereum are expected to increase in the weeks ahead due to the upcoming Ethereum Shanghai upgrade scheduled for March.
• Cryptocurrency analyst Kaleo and Ki Young Ju, the CEO of Cryptoquant are both extremely bullish on Bitcoin.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, analysts are weighing in on the potential performance of Bitcoin and Ethereum in the long-term. The recent market selloff has caused Bitcoin and Ethereum to dip from their new All-Time Highs (ATH), yet analysts remain optimistic about their future potential.

The upcoming Ethereum Shanghai upgrade scheduled for March is expected to drive the price of Ethereum higher, potentially sustaining the current pump. Weiss Crypto ratings have stated that the current prices of Ethereum are primed to surge after the upgrade.

Kaleo, a prominent cryptocurrency analyst has also expressed his bullish sentiment on Bitcoin, believing that its value is primed to accelerate rapidly in the coming weeks. He is of the opinion that Bitcoin will top out in the $40,000 – $45,000 range before retracing back to the mid to high $20,000s later this year.

Ki Young Ju, the CEO of Cryptoquant, is similarly bullish on Bitcoin and believes that the market has already entered an early bullish phase. He has further stated that the Market Capitalization versus Realized Capitalization (MVRV) on-chain indicator shows that investors are still underwater, hinting at further potential growth.

With the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade and analysts remaining positive, it will be interesting to see how Bitcoin and Ethereum progress in the weeks ahead. The crypto community will be watching closely to see if these predictions come to fruition and if the current market momentum will be sustained.