Strategy: Market observation

Without knowing what is currently on the market, it is virtually impossible to make optimal use of strategies and different types prev a of trading for binary options. Therefore the regular and accurate monitoring of the market for the trader of binary options is of great importance.

Depending on the needs of the investor, this market observation may be fixed on different aspects or tools, so that different information can be obtained. In the case of well-divided observations, both short-term and longer-term market information can be obtained.

There are two main areas of market observation: on the one hand there is the fundamental analysis, on the other the technical market analysis. The term technical market analysis is to be understood as synonymous with chart analysis in the case of trading with binary options, in which the market situation is understood as a result of the development of historical courses.

The fundamental analysis

The purpose of the fundamental analysis is to observe the events and aspects of the market, which can bonuses person influence the course of the course, in order to identify the long-term developments of the price, but also short-term trends. For example, cyclical considerations are carried out with regard to the price development of raw materials relative to the world economy. Alternatively, currency crises or precious metal courses are also being considered, which are currently strongly driven by the updated blog post and emotional need for security on the part of investors.

In addition, statistical data such as the unemployment rate, retail reports on end-user consumption, general market trends, as well as the quarterly reports of large companies, are considered as these may have an impact on prices. As an example, the scrappage premium has made itself felt in a sales boom in the automobile industry, while the Contergan scandal at the time left the Bayer stock down significantly.

In addition, it is precisely political decisions that are considered in the fundamentals analysis. Thus, monetary policy announcements, elections, or political unrest can have an impact on the rates. The market reacts as sensitively as a country announces the withdrawal from nuclear power, or its insolvency.

Surprising two this site news also affects the course, but it is difficult to decide in which direction this influence will show, as the markets do not necessarily react rationally. However, in all cases, a price fluctuation is to be expected in the event of the promulgation of market numbers of any kind. If there is uncertainty about the direction of this, the investor can published here our buy very fast 60-second options in order to take advantage of a peak of these fluctuations.

There are also investors who have specialized in a specific market, such as fossil fuels, as underlyings when trading binary options. In this case, it is helpful to have extensive knowledge of company and branch news. In this case, it would be optimal to know the take see this site figures of large oil companies and their plans in the rough. This also reduces the amount of total information at the same time, since the example investor does not have to be able to get the exact facts from the semiconductor industry or the like. – this makes the job easier for him.

The Internet, other media or other print media can serve as sources of information. However, a distinction must be made as to whether it is a primary source in the form of a direct message or a secondary source in the form of a presentation or assessment by a trading expert. In the latter case, the expert’s opinion your check should be critically compared with his own.

The Chart Analysis

In the end, chart analysis is a fact-oriented and more technical form of market observation. The principle behind the analysis of the chart is that the data collected in the fundamental analysis are already included in all price-relevant parameters, so that they do not provide any additional added value, since the courses actually contain them. However, this is a guideline based on legal theory, since a complete market transparency is assumed, which in turn would lead to any changes occurring immediately my check my blog in the courses. Thus, a company could never be underestimated, and the prices would rise steadily if the economy is good. However, this is not the case, and therefore this premise of chart analysis can only be taken with caution.

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